You are going to change a new best mattress, and you find out the Zinus vs Casper. However, you would like to have an in-depth article between them. has to say that you are lucky to find my post because Homebody will help you with this task. Keep reading!

Things make Zinus is glorious

A short overview of the Zinus brand

Zinus was established in 1979; it started as a brand for outdoor items. The company always concentrates on ease-oriented furniture, tents, and so on. Since 2003, Zinus has changed their focus to indoor goods with convenience being top of mind. These days, mattress and its related products are the core business. Zinus gives a massive mixture of well-made items for clients at tight budgets. Their targets are conveying the best items, especially sleep categories for anyone.

Types of Zinus mattress

Zinus produces three different kinds of mattresses which are the green tea memory foam, the iCoil®, and lots of the gel foam.  These categories are durable and affordable materials. Mostly, all beds are not manufacturers in the US.

Green Tea Memory Foam

In this product line, the primary material is the green tea with the memory foam. Cool night sleep is not a dream anymore! The Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam bed has a high-quality layer. Thanks to the support level beneath, the memory foam permeates on the surface coating. In essence, you will feel cool when lying down. However, the downside is that they are not durable in the prolonged period.


The iCoil type made with coils. Above this, it has a layer of foam, or sometimes you have a pillow top. When it comes to the feature, it has double layers of cozy foam, a quilted cover, and the foam as well. The price tag is also not expensive.

Gel memory foam

This type often has a cooling layer of gel memory foam on the flat sheet. The medium resilience comfort foam which supports reducing pressure points. Moreover, the solidity base support foam may hold things stable for the back and spine. The downfall of this type is breaking down fast for people with stout bodies.

Toughness (in the construction)

Zinus memory foam usually receives high rates from buyers (between 6 and 10 for its firmness). Now, all products are on the top quality with medium-hard range.


The average lifespan of the Zinus memory foam mattress is between six and seven years. It could be longer or shorter depending on how you keep it.


All mattresses have thick foam layers to assimilate and cut down motion transfer to a better extent than innerspring.


Mattresses with thick foam and comfort layers comply with the sleeper’s figure to relieve pressure points.

Body heat

Zinus’s products can soak up body temperature to cool down while sleeping. Thus, these have more significant movement in the support cores.

Edge support

Innerspring beds often give strong support at all edges, and foam mattresses probably increase sinkage areas when sitting.

Noise level

Zinus Memory foam mattresses are silent while innerspring mattress usually generates noise. However, the level is not too high.

Moving and rotating

All items are moderately heavy, so these models are difficult to move. Memory foam beds weigh from 28 to 85 pounds (for a Queen size), but the innerspring mattress weight between 85 and 96 pounds.


In general, a mattress has 3 different layers and most of the materials are natural green tea. Therefore, these have anti-oxide and anti-bacterial properties to support users clean the surface easily.

The first layer

This is likely a 3-inch layer to match your body and makes a pleasant feeling. This coating is relaxed and soft. It can relieve motion which adds to the general comfort of a bed.

The second layer

This is a 2-inch layer which has the well-being foam to boost the tranquility of the mattress.  Furthermore, this layer is highly accessible and gives pressure point reduce by circulating weight consistently.

The third layer

The third one is a bit thicker than its counterparts. It has 5.5 inches made up dense air flow foam to remove body heat. Then, it probably circulates the surrounding air area of the mattress.


Sometimes, a new bed has odors like off-gassing. This is a big problem, especially with foam mattresses. Nonetheless, it just happens in a short period.

Things you will love Zinus

Competitive price

The price point of all products is rock-bottom for anyone can purchase. Along with this point, the mattress has pressure-reducing memory materials which usually cost dozens more in outlets.

No odors

In the materials, the charcoal, the green tea, the castor, and the seed oil assist to counterbalance the common thinking “new mattress odor” in several bed-in-a-box choices. Smell is free when you sleep on the mattress day by day.

Motion isolation

Some mattresses do not absorb motion because of its materials. In the memory foam beds, they work! And you still feel comfortable as you have to share the sleeping space with your partners.

Warranty policies

The enterprise gives a 10-year limited guaranty which insinuates if everything occurs to your bed (from the date of buying). You enable to contact the Customer Service Department. You will have a new mattress or a repaired one with free-of-charge cost. Nonetheless, this guaranty will cover manufacturer’s faults only. The Company believes that buyers will get full of satisfaction in their investment. Nevertheless, if you figure out any cause at all that you are not pleasant; you can recommend the return. This is called the trial, and it takes 30 days (100-night home trials) only.I think this is useful for people to try a new mattress for the first place or you do not satisfy. Keep in touch with their clerk! Please bear in mind that you need to prove the reason you have to claim the refund. Do not cheat!

Points you may not like

Average quality

Well, if you require a higher quality of a mattress, then you will not like Zinus pretty much. Though Zinus provides much value in the beds, they are not the top products on the market with luxurious items.

Body temperature

If you live in the hot weather year after year, then you could select the special material inside like the gel memory foam.

How about Casper?

About Casper

Casper is among the most prominent and marketable in the bed-in-a-box industry, and the company often receives positive feedback from customers. The memory foam mattress and the pair of special one are their core businesses. When it comes to the foam, it has the mixed foam and the latex. Moreover, Casper creates a lot of innovative techniques and new technology. These help all products are great.

Kinds of the models in Casper


You may astonish that the Casper is also a product line in itself. Due to the central memory foam layer, this model has a wonderful coating with other three separate elements. The poly-foam and the memory foam are the totals of three layers. The support major also built from the poly-foam. The paneled coating is made from many fabrics, mainly rayon and polyester.


With four elements and a good system, the Wave is also a choice that you should give thought to. The first one is the Flo Foam pillow on top of the poly-foam, the second layer is both natural latex and the synthetic. The third one is the memory foam, and the last coating is the high-resilience foam. The primary support is made from high-density poly-foam too! The cover, on the other hand, is the unique cotton.


The Essential is made of a top coating of the poly-foam and the memory foam at the bottom layer to boost the comfort system. The core support is constructed with the dense poly-foam too!

Main specifications

Size Dimensions
Twin 39 x 75 x 10 44
Twin XL 39 x 80 x 10 46
Full 54 x 75 x 10 60
Queen 60 x 80 x 10 71
King 76 x 80 x 10 91
California King 72 x 84 x 10 90

Firmness (in the construction)
Casper has a different strict construction. For instance, the Essential has 7.5 inches firmness while the Casper has 5 inches.

Models Thickness Support core elements Comfort layer elements Cover elements
Essential 8 and ½ inch HD Poly-foam Memory foam, poly-foam Knit texture
Casper 10 inches 5 inches and 1.8 PCF Poly-foam 1 and ½ inch Poly-foam
1 ½ inch 4 PCF Memory Foam
1 and ½ inch 2.5 PCF Poly-foam
Wave 11 and ½ inch 5 and ½ inch HD Poly-foam 1 inch Poly-foam
1 and ½ inch Blended Latex
1 and ½ inch Memory Foam
1 and ½ inch Poly-foam


All covers of the Casper have the soft polyester blend. They are thick, but they can reshape the old one easily.
In other words, they will not bundle when you change your sleeping positions during a night.
Additionally, they have removable zippers with a washable material. So, you can clean your bed at any time.

Pressure points

Honestly, I do not know how to describe my feeling of the Casper mattress. So, I think I should provide you a visual map with several pressure points when using it. I also lay on the back, stomach, and sides as well.


Well, when I lie on my back, HomeBody feel many great pressure points from the mattress. Moreover, the zoned support offered to fill in the surface at my low back too! My lumbar region is comfortable.


Once I turn over to my side, Home Body do not fear that I will fall or won’t. Safe and enjoyable are the significant points in my side. The zoned support diminished the pressure points at my pain shoulder and hips as well. This is the latest feature of the Casper products.


The stomach is not the main point Home Body would like to mention. Home Body wants to focus on my alignment. However, through my stomach, I can check the quality of the bed. My shoulders also keep on the similar line as my hips. Sleepers enable to switch between all different positions.


This part is vital if you share the space with a partner. You possibly recognize the feeling of another person crawls out of the mattress. To check this point, you can drop a steel ball and see how is different.

Edge support

Again, if you are going to share the bed with your partner, you will need to take into account the amount of edge support of a mattress.  You should lie down and roll out two sides to test your feeling. If you cannot give a chance, then you could put your hands on the surface instead.

Zinus vs Casper – Which ones should you choose?

When you have reviewed the Casper vs Zinus, you may confuse that you have no idea between them. I mean you do not know to select Casper or Zinus. Here is how!


Price variation

Casper is a fancy brand of the mattress while Zinus is not. The main clients of Zinus are the middle classes.

Zoned support

This point always has in Zinus while Casper is not typical in the comfort factor.

Layer construction

With Zinus products, all layers made with the green tea extract. This is the anti-bacterial element in nature to avoid germs in the sweat.
For Casper mattresses, they have more layers, providing high-quality memory foam items. Furthermore, they have many takeaways from the layer construction.

Edge support

Casper and Zinus provide different levels of the edge support for sleepers.


Both of these brands offer the 10-year limited guaranty.

Final thoughts

In essence, Mattress 1000 would say that if you have the modest budget, then Zenus is for you. And if you require top-notch mattress, you will go with the Casper. There is no need to mix up between Casper and Zenus!

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