If you are someone who recently got married or just moved in with your partner, you will know the importance of a good bed frame in your life. While buying bed frames might seem like a piece of cake initially, there are actually a lot of things you need to keep in mind while getting yourself one, especially if you are a sexually active couple. For sexually active couples, a bed frame does not only have to be sturdy but also comfortable, have ample space and needs to be noise free. Not only that, if the bed frame is rickety and prone to slippage, people might just get injured accidentally. So, if you are planning on buying a sturdy bed frame for sex, here’s a list of some of the best ones out there:

Top 10 Best Bed Frame For Sex Reviews

#1. Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation, Platform Bed Frame

First up is the Zinus Shawn smart base bed frame. At a height of 14 solid inches, it gives one a glorious 13 inches of storage space underneath the bed. This means that what you get is not only a sturdy bed frame for sex but an ample amount of storage space that a box spring cannot provide. The core of this bed frame is made up of a solid mix of sturdy wires and steel frames. As long as you have about 10 minutes’ worth of time, you can assemble this bed frame and set it up wherever you like.

best bed frame for sexually active people

The steel mattress is made to provide ultra levels of durability. With multiple points of contact with the ground underneath, the steel mattress base prevents any sagging or discomfort at all.  Just place your latex or memory foam mattress over it and you are good to go. There are also plastic cups attached at the base, which reduces chances of slippage and any extra noise or scratches on the floor. And because Zinus always keeps your needs in mind, this bed frame folds up easily so you can just fold it up and store it when you don’t need it. Still, don’t think that this one is it? Well, rest assured because the manufacturers provide a staggering 5 years’ worth of warranty with this bed frame.

#2. Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Bed Frame

This Olee14-inch bed frame is solid metal designed to fit both your sexual and storage needs easily. compact and sturdy, this bed frame is easy to assemble and you can set it up within minutes once it arrives packed right to your door. The assembly requires very little tools (all of which come included) or added help. If you live in the city where storage spaces are a problem, know that the compact design keeps in mind your convenience and fits right into any tiny space. There is also plenty of space under the bed for clothes, bedding and linen or any other thing that you might need to store.

best bed frame for sex

This bed frame is made up of steel slates, making it extra durable and long lasting. The steel frame and steel slats together make it sturdy and reduce the chance of sagging. The frame is also designed so that it does not wobble or slip no matter how much movement goes on atop it. This makes it perfect for sexual activities or just a fun time with family. Standard mattresses fit right into the framing of this bed frame. It also comes with a whopping 5 years’ worth of warranty.

#3. Zinus Gene 16 Inch SmartBase Deluxe Platform Bed Frame 

There is a reason that Zinus continues to be popular when it comes to bedding needs for families and it is because of the sturdiness of their products, their durability and comfortable design, and this one is no different. The Zinus Gene is 16 inches of pure smart base, designed entirely keeping your fun and comfort in mind. It is a deluxe foundation for all mattresses, be it latex, spring or memory foam. the box frame is delivered right to your door and, if you can spare about 10 minutes of your time, you can set it up immediately without anyone’s or any tools’ help. All Zinus bed frames are designed keeping your convenience in mind.

Since storage space can be scarce, these bed frames provide ample space underneath for storage of clothing, linens or any extra things that you might have. Or just fold it up and tuck it away every morning and have the entire room open for your daily needs. The bed frame has edges that are reinforced to make sure your mattress does not sag during long hours of fun and frolic. The twin, full-sized legs provide it with ample support to prevent wobbling and the T-shaped lock style and two non-slip pads underneath give stability.

#4. Manhattan Queen Bed Frame

Speaking of comfort and fun, the Manhattan bed frame takes the game up several notches with their stylish and modern queen bed frame. Designed for couples living in cities where space means money, this gorgeous bed frame fits right into the most compact of rooms. No matter what the colour scheme or design of your room, this bed frame blends right in with suave, classy demeanor.

The frame itself is sleek and contemporary in design. The headboard and the entire frame also come padded with deliciously soft ebony faux leather, making it the delight of every owner and the envy of every onlooker. The assembly of the bed frame itself is as easy as cake. All the hardware and tools you might need for assembly comes packed carefully inside a velcro pack tucked to the side of the headboard. It also includes an instruction book, which you probably won’t need as you will have this assembled and set up to go in a matter of mere minutes. And if the best feature of a bed frame is its durability, then the sturdy wooden slats this is made up of provides just that and more, making sure you get to enjoy its plushness for ages to come.

#5.  Zinus Gerard Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

If you talk of comfort, durability and utter convenience in a bed frame, you are probably thinking of a Zinus bed frame. For example, the Zinus Gerard bed frame provides all that and then some, making it the pride and joy of the owner and the envy of every friend who does not possess it. This deluxe Gerard bed frame offered by Zinus is not just durable and convenient but stylish and ultra-modern in its looks, fitting right into the mood and colour scheme of any bedroom.

The headboard and bed frame comes covered in deep, dark expresso coloured faux leather that looks glorious in candle light or dim lighting and can help set the mood for every couple. The dark caffeine faux leather drapes lushly over the dark wooden slates that are designed to give you added support and prevent any sagging or wobbling no matter how many passionate nights you may spend on it. as added modes of support, the frame is footboard styled and have feet that are exposed and connected to the floor at multiple points so you need not worry about the sturdiness of it anytime soon. And if you are bothered about the noise, the foam padding limits that to a bare minimum, making sure you disturb no one during your passionate games at night.

#6.  Zinus Arnav Modern Studio 10 Inch Platform 2000H Metal Bed Frame

There is a reason that Zinus bed frames keep appearing on this list and you will soon know why. Zinus bed frames are designed keeping many things in mind, from your comfort to its durability, the convenience of everyone involved and even easy assembly. Standing at a proud height of 10 inches, the Zinus Arnav queen bed frame is no different. The bed frame is designed using ten sturdy wooden slats that keep the mattress from sagging and ensure its durability. It does not require additional tools for assembly so you can set it up in a matter of minutes.

The wooden slats that form the base are covered in foam to reduce noise during those wild nights with your partner. The headboard and the frame are pure steel power and make sure that there is no chance of wobbliness at all. There’s even 7 inches of storage space under the frame so you don’t have to worry about the bed taking up the entire room either.

#7.  AmazonBasics Foldable Platform Bed Frame

With a sleek and stylish black finish, AmazonBasics’ gorgeous and sturdy steel bed frame might be just what you need for your master bedroom or even your guest room or as the perfect addition to that apartment you are moving in with your partner.

It replaces the need for box spring frames and gives one 13 inches of storage space underneath so you can keep anything from clothes, books or bins underneath that you can access easily but it will be completely out of the way for everyone. It is rectangular in shape and is wired in cross rows and has strong steel horizontal panels that make it durable and strong. It can be set up within minutes without the need for any additional tools. It makes very little noise either and can be folded up and tucked into a corner of the room once you are done using it.

#8. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame | Mattress Foundation, King

Now while a lot of bed frames out there claim to be durable and convenient for owners but Classic Brands Hercules’ 14-inch bed frame might just give them the run for their money. This king-sized bed frame is pure heavy duty metal and is designed with the only word in mind, that is, support. It makes sure that your mattress receives all the support it needs to prevent sagging and discomfort.

It provides a staggering 12 points of contact with the floor underneath so the support it provides is truly commendable. This means that no matter how much you move, this bed frame will not wobble beneath you and keeps supporting your fun times with your partner. And because it replaces the box spring frames that take up a lot of space, it also opens up room underneath for ample amount of storage so you can keep books, bins, clothes and what not under it.

 #9. Best Price Mattress Twin Bed Frame – 12 Inch Metal Platform Beds with Headboard [Model H] Easy Setup and No Box Spring Needed, White

If you are looking for something that is not only durable and convenient but also comfortable in every definition of the word, you should probably go for the twin bed frame for mattresses that Best Price has to offer. This white steel bed frame might be beautiful to look at but that is not all it is about. This is an all in one bed frame that is designed for sturdiness and convenience.

No matter what you use it for, for daily bedroom needs or as a bed you can set up for guests at a moment’s notice, it will definitely have your back. The entire frame is made of pure steel and is designed to keep wobbliness at bad. It also includes a headboard and a footboard and all of that can be set up by simply unfolding this bed frame and screwing the headboard and footboard on. Once you are done with it, you can tuck it into a corner and use the room for other stuff.

 #10. Simple Houseware 14-Inch Queen Size Mattress Foundation Platform Bed Frame, Queen

Simple Houseware’s queen-sized bed frame is simple in its design but that does not mean that it falls behind the others on this list in any possible way. As a replacement for box spring foundations, this platform mattress foundation stands tall and proud at 14 inches. There is about 13 inches worth of storage space under the bed so you keep books and bins and other miscellaneous items tucked away without cluttering up your room. Assembling this bed frame is as easily said as done and you do not require anyone’s help or any additional tools for assembling it. once it arrives, it takes only minutes to set it up and have the bed frame ready for use.

It is made to support any mattress that suits its dimensions, be it spring, memory foam or a latex mattress. The best part? It can easily support over 550 pounds of weight and will not wobble no matter how much you move so it makes the perfect bed frame for sex.

What To Consider Before Buying Best Bed Frame For Sex?

There are a few things one needs to keep in their mind while buying the best sex bed frame. The best bed frame for sex needs to fit some criteria before you can decide to invest in it. well, first things first and that’s the dimensions. No matter how sturdy a bed frame is and how much you like it, you cannot buy one if it does not suit your room and clutters it up entirely. So, first begin by measuring you room and the wall(s) against which you will place the bed frame and go from there. Once you know the likely dimensions of the bed frame, consider its sturdiness. The best bed frame for sex usually has a durable steel structure with exposed legs that connect to the floor at multiple points to prevent wobbliness. Some bed frames have steel slats or wooden slats to reduce the chance of sagging and makes your mattresses last for longer periods of time so they might be good choices to go for if you are buying bed frames you plan on spending long, passionate nights on. Another thing that you need to consider is the noise. A lot of bed frames come with foam covering or plastic cups covering the legs to reduce ensuing noises to a minimum. Such bed frames would be perfect for any sexually active couple, especially if they live elder family members of kids.

For people living in the city, space is pretty much equal to money. So, buying a bed frame that takes up a lot of space in one room can create problems afterward. One good idea would be to go for a bed frame that has ample storage space underneath it so you can store all you extra clothes, linens and other miscellaneous under it without cluttering up your entire room. There are also some bed frames that fold up easily. So, you can easily choose to go for a bed frame that folds up and can be tucked away into a corner after use so you can have the entire room to yourself. A lot of bed frames take up an amazing amount of time and need various tools for assembly. For young couples who also work for a living, this can be pretty troublesome. However, there are plenty of easy to assemble bed frames in the market that can be assembled in a matter of minutes. Many of them even come with instruction manuals and all the tools you might require for assembling the bed frame so you should have it fixed up and ready for use immediately.

Last but not least, you should also consider the style of the bed frame before buying one. It should not only go with the mood but also the style and colour scheme of your room. One good idea would be to go for a bed frame that comes with plush dark faux leather padding on the headboard and the frame. Not only do the dark expresso and tan themes of the faux leather suit the look of any room but the padding on the headboard and the sides make them more comfortable and reduce the chances of anyone knocking their head against the hard headboard and getting injured and consequently ruining the mood.


Buying the best bed frame for sexually active couple is pretty easy as long as you keep certain things in mind. Not only should the bed frame be sturdy and prevent sagging, but it also should fit properly into your bedroom. The best bed frame for sex is not just sturdy but also creates very little noise during those long, wild nights that you spend draped in your lover’s arms. So, make sure to do your research and choose one that fits best with your and your partner’s needs so you can have fun without worrying about anything for a long time.

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